Ziggy Supply Zerds Review

Zerds by Ziggy Zonka


First impression of Zerds gives me a fun and kiddish feel to it. But I assure you it’s definite not for the faint hearted.


Remember Willy Wonka Nerds? Yea it smells just like that


A lot of tugging. Not recommended for dudes with long hair. Be prepared to lose a few strands, and not for dudes with receding hairline.

Holding strength

Strong at the beginning. But softens in about an hour and deflates.


It keeps the hold for half a day.


Yes. A lot and because it has a lot of tugs, I snapped some strands trying to restyle.

Ease of wash out

3 shampoos and 2 conditioner.

Personal ratings

I wouldn’t use it again. So yea… 1/10

Personal experience

It gives you a roller coaster ride. Firstly it gives you a nice impression when you first got it. After using once, you will not use it again. Not a good experience for me.