Ziggy Supply Singapomade Review

Singa Clay Pomade (Singapomade)

Yes it's the 2.0.


Basic decent design. Some might say simplistic but, to me, I’ll say amateur. Doesn’t give the feel that it would be a good product.


Citrus. Similar to Gatsby. Could have been a better scent.


Smooth but not the smoothest clay out there.

Holding strength

Medium hold for me and will deflate in about 30mins.


It will deflate regardless. If you are going to walk outdoors for about an hour or two, it will deflate much faster than, in about 15mins, compared to indoor air-conditioned.


Yes and unable to stick back without water.

Ease of wash out

1 shampoo and 1 conditioner.

Personal ratings

Not a good product to me. So yea… 2/10.

Personal experience

Very basic product which is great for beginners or if you just want something in your hair to hold your basic style.