Ziggy Supply Matt Clay Review

Matt Clay

To me, this product has the same effect as Zerds but with easier wash out.

According to SGPomades, it is Made in Indonesia. So I assume it is white-label factory made and not home brewed.


Looks cheap to me and the design doesn’t give me the feel that it will be a good product or worth the price I am paying for.


Can’t really define it, but sweet scent. Similar to typical white-label products.


A lot of tugging. Not recommended for dudes with long hair. Be prepared to lose a few strands, and not for dudes with receding hairline.

Holding strength

Strong and painful for me, even though I have healthy strong hair.


Yup it's there.


Not really but really dries out my hair. Good to do some conditioning a few times to restore my initial hair health.

Ease of wash out

1 shampoo. But lots of conditioner to give back my healthy hair.

Personal ratings

I wouldn’t use it again for the sake of my hair health. So yea… 1/10.

Personal experience

Strong and painful due to its strength. Not my cup of tea as there are much better products out there with better strength yet much lesser tug and pull.