Ziggy Supply Mad Wax Review

Mad Wax 2.0

Yes it's the 2.0.


Looks cheap to me and the design doesn’t give me the feel that it will be a good product or worth the price I am paying for.


Mint lavender.


Smooth and light with almost no grip to me.

Holding strength

Medium hold for me.


Not much to me. Average around 30mins then it starts to deflates and fray.


A lot. Starts to fray almost immediately after application for me.

Ease of wash out

1 shampoo.

Personal ratings

Not enough holding strength and endurance but out of Ziggy Supply product range, this provided the best after wash out effect for me. So yea… 3/10.

Personal experience

Gatsby moving rubber is a replacement for this product. This is the more expensive version. If I am lacking of budget, I would choose Gatsby moving rubber anytime.